An interactive DVD about murder.

"I've got to piss now." Announced Jim, so he stands up and leaves the screen. Hans stays angrily behind. Katja sits in front of the monitor with her DVD remote control. She is more attracted to Jim then Hans. One click from Jim and she would go back to him. He trudges back into the house and in the bathroom he meets the seductive Hanna in the shower.

Dreams of the future? Not with Toasted! Seven students form the University of Applied Sciences - Hochschule der Medien (HdM) present a DVD-video which shows the potential of this media. The members of the team study audio-visual media or median-author. This DVD is packed with different camera angles so some of the scenes can be viewed from another perspective. The DVD user is responsible for the way they watch these intrigue acts of jealousy, suspicion, good will, and evil. Was it a murder of revenge, a suicide, or maybe just an accident? The viewer most pay good attention: a detail in the window, or may be a noise can be a indication that there is more to see.

Interactive movies are not linear.

The normal movie tells it's story in 1 piece: set-up, plot point 1, confrontation, plot point 2 solution. The story's sequence is unchangeable. With Toasted it's different: an Interactive film tells inter weaved stories which are linked through a navigation. The filming was also different: The actors wondered many times why they had to the same scenes more then once from different views. The actors and students filmed a week long in the beautiful countryside of Provance south France. In the evening they watched the material and first cuts on a G3 Powerbook. The story was discussed and if needed extra scenes where filmed the next day. For the first time the students of the Audiovisual Media and Author of Media worked on such a project together. The project was made for the winter semester of 2001/2002. For the students making the film this was a practical experience. Not only did they have to use what they where taught in the university, they also had to expand to it. The technic was an important requirement for the success. Under the pressure of time the raw video material was cut, supplementary computer animation where made, the DVD navigation was programmed and the launch of the accompanying website.

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Translation: Kevin McMurray


Final Cut Pro 2 (Cut), Adobe After Effects und Macromedia Flash (Interface Animationen)

DVD Studio Pro (DVD Authoring), Adobe Photoshop und Macromedia Freehand (Interface Design), Macromedia Flash (Interface Animationen)

More Software:
Macromedia Dreamweaver und Macromedia Fireworks (Website)

4x Apple G4 (incl. Matrox Realtime-Karte), Powerbook G3

Sony VX 2000 (DVcam), 2x Sony DCR-PC100E



The creators:
Thomas Wanner, Jürgen Ade, Sandra Hoppenkamps, Ingrid Huber, Niklas Schaab, nS++, Marko Schacher, Felix Binder

The actors:
Sandra Krinkel (Hanna), Jessica Franz (Silke), Michael Grümmer (Jim), Lee Mark Rychter (Hans)
Special appearance: nS++, Ingrid Huber


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