Ausstellung Ryerson 2006

High-Rise Buildings
photographs by Johannes Schaugg

Sept.25 - Oct. 6, 2006

Third Floor Gallery (IMA 310)
School of Image Arts, Ryerson University
122 Bond St., Toronto
M5B 2K3

Gallery Hours:
Mon-Fri 11-5

German photographer Johannes Schauggs striking architectural images are featured in this special exhibition at the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University. The sharply executed images, taken in Stuttgart, Paris, and Toronto, invite the viewer to look at cityscapes in a new light. Documenting high-rise buildings has been an ongoing project of the photographer.

Johannes Schaugg hails from Stuttgart, Germany, where he is a Professor at the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (Stuttgart Media University). He has won several awards in the field of internet/interactive media, and has photographed for various clients including DaimlerChrysler and Delius Klasing Verlag. a visiting professor. In the Winter of 2006 Ryerson University was pleased to welcome Johannes Schaugg as visiting professor in the School of Radio and Television Arts, part of the Faculty of Communication & Design.